Thai-Japanese Association
Activities to celebrate the 120 th Anniversary of Japan-Thailand Diplomatic Relations

Thailand and Japan will witness the 120th anniversary of their diplomatic relations on 26 September 2007, the very day Japan and Siam signed the Declaration of Amity and Commerce in 1887.

In this regard, the Thai-Japanese Association had set up “the Sub-Committee for Planning & Implement for the 120 th Anniversary of Japan-Thailand Diplomatic Relations” to work out and initiate activities to mark this commemorative occasion in the year 2007.

The Sub- Committee, consisting 16 Thai and Japanese executive members, headed by Mr. Somphob Hoontrakool, had discussed and finally agreed to organize 5 commemorative events. Later, these 5 commemorative events had been registered at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand and were formally accepted as joint festive activities to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Japan and Thailand Diplomatic Relations in 2007. The 5 commemorative events are as follows:

1. Initiative of Japanese Pavilion with Japanese garden at Japanese Village , Ayutthaya .

The Japanese Village in Ayutthaya is the memorial site of the old Japanese settlement in Ayutthaya where a large number of Japanese tourists visit each year. It is also the important historical site that reflects the long-standing and close relations between Japan and Thailand . The project to improve the Japanese Village by constructing Japanese Pavilion with authentic Japanese garden has been initiated as part of commemorative activities to mark this special event..

The project is planned to be completed by the middle of Nov. 2007.

2. Memorial Sculpture .

To create memorable long lasting art piece by Thai Artist that reflecting the expression of the ageless, pure, long and everlasting relationship between the 2 countries in order to commemorate the 120 Anniversary of Japan-Thailand Diplomatic Relation and celebrate the King's 80 th Anniversary Birthday. With the cooperation of the Bangkok Metropolitan, the memorial sculpture will be placed at Lumpini Park , in the heart of Bangkok . The project is planned to be completed by the middle of Nov. 2007.

3. Initiative of a new branch of Thai – Japanese Association School .

As the existing Thai – Japanese Association School has become the largest Japanese school outside Japan with number of students increasing every year. The project of new site of school at Sri Racha, Cholburi which is one of the populated Japanese residences is initiated in order to facilitate Japanese community around that eastern region. This initiative will be introduced in the year 2007 which is the 120 th Anniversary of Japan – Thailand Diplomatic Relations to act as a milestone to achieve in the near future. The construction has been scheduled to be completed by early of 2009 and will start operating by April 2009.

4. Thai-Japanese Friendship Concert

The Thai-Japanese Association in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, with the support of the Embassy of Japan in Thailand , is to organize the Thai-Japanese Friendship Concert on October 19, 2007 at the Main Hall, Thailand Cultura l Center. The concert is in celebration of the Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty the King's 80 th Birthday and the 120 th Anniversary of Japan-Thailand Diplomatic Relations.

The program is designed as the evening of fine music in the spirit of collaboration and building friendships, featuring compositions by His Majesty the King, Masterpieces from the Classical Era (Beethoven's Symphony No.9), as well as Thai and Japanese Children's Choruses, which are sure to inspire and cultivate camaraderie amongst the youth of both countries. In this respect , Prof. Charunee Hongcharu is the music director of the program. A symphony orchestra of sixty two pieces, together with inspired soloists from both Thailand and Japan , will be performing this program.

5. Renovation of Ayutthaya Historical Study Center , Annex Building in Japanese Village

In 1987, on the occasion of Thailand-Japan Centennial Relations, the Japanese Government donated about 170 MB to construct the Ayutthaya Historical Study Center and its Annex Building , which is located in the compound of the old Japanese Village .

On the special occasion of the 120 th Anniversary of Japan-Thailand Diplomatic Relations, The Thai-Japanese Association, with the support of the Japanese Chambers of Commerce Bangkok has agreed to improve and renovate the annex building , Ayutthaya Historical Study Center by adding up more informative contents to make Ayutthaya as a resource center for historical information.

The renovation plan is scheduled to be completed by the end of Nov. 2007.